Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon for Windows

Chrome-based browsing with added security

Comodo Dragon is a powerful browser that's based on Chromium, the source code for Google Chrome. It's fast, dynamic and has plenty of features for making online browsing more secure. 

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  • Several safety-related features
  • Compelling design and usability
  • Uses l039, the same engine as Chrome
  • Comodo SecureDNS is extremely useful


  • Can consume a lot of RAM
  • Homepage is no different from Chrome

Very good

Comodo Dragon is a powerful browser that's based on Chromium, the source code for Google Chrome. It's fast, dynamic and has plenty of features for making online browsing more secure. 



First priority: online security


Comodo Dragon is more than just a simple "copy" of Chrome. It comes with several very useful features and plenty of security options. During installation, for example, the program gives you the option to add Comodo SecureDNS, which guarantees safe web browsing and restricts access to high-risk sites.

The browser includes the WebInspector online service, a tool that verifies a websites security, and Privdog, which blocks ads, cookies, trackers and third-party widgets.

In addition, Comodo Dragon also comes with a Media Downloader to download online videos for free, and a feature to instantly share web content to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

It's also got some interesting features for searching online and sharing content. You can highlight text and then drag and drop it in the address bar to run a search on Google, Google Images, Google Translate, YouTube, or Wikipedia. You can also share links and content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, or LinkedIn by simply dragging and dropping them in the browser's left margin.

Like Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon creates a separate process for each open tab, includes a bookmark manager, and has a home page with previews of your most visited sites, as well as the option to create private browsing sessions. Comodo Dragon also supports the same installable extensions as Chrome. 


Elegant design


In terms of it's use, Comodo Dragon isn't much different from Chrome. The design is simple and elegant with a predominance of dark tones. On the other hand, it does seem more rigid than Google's browser.

The Tools menu is located on the left (not on the right like in Chrome). Next to the address bar, you can find buttons for Privdog, WebInspector, Share and Media Downloader. 



Like Chrome, but more


The developer's slogan makes it clear: "a safer and faster version of Chrome." And so far, Comodo Dragon has kept its promise.

The browser is fast, but more importantly, it's very careful when it comes to privacy and network security. The preinstalled plugins are very effective, and Comodo SecureDNS is incredibly useful for blocking sites with a high risk of malware and other online threats.

The Comodo Dragon browser is ideal if you're looking for something a bit more advanced than Google Chrome in terms of features. It's perfect for anyone who wants more security when surfing online. 

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